Wound Care: Overview

Healing wound is an important step in the rehabilitation process. When you are admitted, our team assesses your wound, including where you are in the healing process, and develops a plan of care specifically for you.

Wound Care

The goal of our wound care is for you to experience:

  • Improved overall emotional well-being
  • Improved ability to perform daily activities, such as taking a shower or working on a hobby
  • Improved quality of life, becoming more independent and self-reliant
  • Fewer complications and hospitalizations
  • Increased knowledge regarding disease process and its management
  • Increased strength and endurance

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What are treatments options for old wounds?

We treat old wounds with-

  1. Debridement
  2. Dressing
  3. Use of artificial skin
  4. Skin grafting
  5. Use of collagen stimulators
  6. PRP

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